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The Trusted Partner in Garment Industry

Loewee Cipta Busana


LCB is a garment company specializing in women’s ready-to-wear clothing that has been established for four years. Currently, they plan to enlarge their business scale and get more customers that are in accordance with their specialties.

When we first met, LCB asked Towa Design to design their website. But after further discussion of the problems with us, LCB asked us not only to have a website, but also to communicate their brand – identity, messaging, website, and collateral – to reflect their values as a quality garment company.


Discovery Session


Identity Guidelines

Website Development

Social Media Campaign



Client Interview
User Interview
Market Research

Develop Strategy

Identify Problems
Key Insight


Client Interview
User Interview
Market Research

Developing Strategy

We sat down with the team at LCB to craft the strategy for their brand. Through a full-day discovery session, we learned the challenges the organization faced, their needs, and their business goals.

Combining our research and discussion with clients, we were also able to surface key insights into the pain points of the customers which is the need to find a trustable garment vendor that put quality as a priority, specifically in time management, cooperative, communicative and understand what retail stores need.

Discovery + Research Documentation

Defining the brand

To answer these obstacles, LCB, as one of the garment companies, set their values as the one and only garment company that focus on quality, trend updated, and priorities great customer service; to support potential some fashion retail stores.

Brand Attributes

Well made


To illustrate handmade and also safe-keeping, all photos chosen display convection process, which were done by hand. It represents that each piece of fabric was well made and wathed out carefully by LCB. Meanwhile, close up pictures were captured by researchers to illustrate stitching quality.


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